References / University of Maribor - KnowItAll

User friendly way of showing all the information in the system:

* overview of competences
* overview of projects the person participates in
* overview of other user activities
* option to generate EUROpass CV from current user data
* overview of user's inventions and other intellectual properties
* overview of user's load time and availability for potenital new projects
* overview of user's statistics

* project review
* overview of project phases and the financial status of the project
* overview of participating persons in the project
* overview of research infrastructure in the project

Research groups
* record keeping

Research infrastructure
* record keeping
* using and maintaining equipment reservations

Reports, analysis and statistics
* generating of pre-made reports
* generating analsyis

Industrial property
* overview of inventions, patents, models, trademarks
* keeping records of the licensing of industrial property