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Cashless payment for a network operator's customers with option to add balance on their prepaid accounts on a payment machine in operator's shops. Machine enables fast payments without commissions, makes the users happy, relieves staff who could now dedicate their time to other means for better customer services and lowers costs. At the same time the machine brings many customers back to shops where the operator can present new deals and services.

The machine has a built-in 3M microtouch touch-screen, barcode reader, thermal printer (for printing the receipts) and cashless payment system - credit and debit card reader, pin pad. A small but very powerful computer takes care for a flawless continuous work with as little energy consumption as possible in a custom made casing. Connection with the machine is possible via a secure VPN network.

The payment machine is made from polished stainless steel with a glass facade, which also serves for branding the machine. Design expresses the strenght of the client and gives confidence to the buyer that his money will come to the right place. The machine enables users to pay via the barcode printed on a payment slip which they got from the network operator. Payment is done in real-time so it is possible to unlock customer's account in mere minutes. It is also possible to pay the bills without the payment slip with the help of SMS authentication or charging prepaid accounts.

There are more than 50 machines in Slovenia who already work flawlessly for the last four years. We use our monitoring system to control and prevent any problems.

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The client playbacks all the content in a stand alone mode (uses content on-site) with refreshment rate from 1 second to 1 month. Live content can be also streamed through internet connection. The configuration for each machine is stored on the server.

That makes it possible to fully customize content playback on each screen seperately. Mtplayer knows how to show content of all today known displays, even on mobile devices.

Interactive handling changes the visitors attitude towards the screen because it enables him to make choices about information available. With the right planning of design and content flow we can achieve all the goals and results. We can use different options: touch-screen, (QR)code reader, smartphone integration, different sensors...

We add and sort content in the Multitasker via a web interface. All tasks are visually and contextually intuitive and easy to master. It is possible to customize each playback screen or join them together into theme oriented playback groups for example. These groups or channels can support unlimited amount of screens. We can then use more one or more lists that are used for each channel. Each list contains media content that can be easily previewed.

All content changes are sent to each machine in the refresh intervals of your choosing.

We have developed a control system to ensure a reliable operation. The system checks the status of Multitasker and Mtplayers and reports to the headquarters. This enables us to provide a quick response for each problem that may occur.

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A screensaver for a mobile operator's tablets in shop's children's corners. The application starts when nobody is using the tablet. All screensaver's content is managable in our multimedia system Multitasker.

The application was developed to show the mobile operator's offers on iPads. It serves as an interactive multimedia display in client's stores. Each screen displays the appropriate content for the corner where it is located in.