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A payment machine for selecting and paying for food and drinks in client's fast food restaurants. The machine significally speeds up the process, relieves employees and solves the problem of health problems with touching food and money. The next step is to make a web page and a mobile app for ordering food with QR-code generation. This QR-code is then processed on the payment machine and further speeds up the ordering. Customer's orders can also be saved for future usage. The process will come really handy when a customer will need to order for more people and will thus just show one or more QR-codes to the machine and finish the order.

Since the offer and sales system are already well known and tested we dedicated our time for making a great user interface for making it as simple as possible for new and return users to place an order. Clients pay with cash or cards and the machine gives them the reciept with a QR-code which is needed for taking the food and drinks. At the same time the order shows on the chef's screen so the employees know what to prepare even before a customers walks to them.

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Vsebine predvaja Klient, predvajalnik na lokaciji, v stand alone režimu z nastavljivim časovnim okvirom osveževanja vsebin (od 1 sec do 1 mesec) ali pa uporabimo streaming za primere, kjer mora biti vsebina popolnoma »v živo«. Klient nastavitve poišče na strežniku Sistema.

That makes it possible to fully customize content playback on each screen seperately. Mtplayer knows how to show content of all today known displays, even on mobile devices.

Interactive handling changes the visitors attitude towards the screen because it enables him to make choices about information available. With the right planning of design and content flow we can achieve all the goals and results. We can use different options: touch-screen, (QR)code reader, smartphone integration, different sensors...

We add and sort content in the Multitasker via a web interface. All tasks are visually and contextually intuitive and easy to master. It is possible to customize each playback screen or join them together into theme oriented playback groups for example. These groups or channels can support unlimited amount of screens. We can then use more one or more lists that are used for each channel. Each list contains media content that can be easily previewed.

All content changes are sent to each machine in the refresh intervals of your choosing.

We have developed a control system to ensure a reliable operation. The system checks the status of Multitasker and Mtplayers and reports to the headquarters. This enables us to provide a quick response for each problem that may occur.

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Overview of the current food offers and saving orders into QR-code for latter payment and ordering on the payment machine.