Workaholic - General information

Hello Workaholic. Kiosk, vending machine or urban sales unit. Call it what you want, it is a reliable 24/7 workforce that never disappoints. Even if it’s made, trained and serviced by us, Workaholic will listen to you only.
Our payment/vending machine Workaholic is the result of our own development based on years of experience. The idea is to speed up the process of sales or payment quickly. We now have more than 55 working Workaholics who are living proof that they are a reliable device with a complete monitoring system.

Key features

* Strong, safe and reliable
* Fast and easy to use
* Many possible functionalities and quick upgrade for new ideas
* Statistics, analytics, reports
* Full integration with other existing business systems
* User interface adapted for the client and its customers

Workaholic - Design

Workaholic device is based on years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of similar vending machines. It consists of two parts: the upper part, where all the equipment is installed, and the lower part, which serves as a base stand.

The machine is made entirely of steel in thickness, providing solid construction and of course safety. Front is made of plexiglas and allows easy adjustments of graphic design for the client or product that he offers. The same is also possible on the back of the machine, if the machine is standing in the middle of the room or against a shop window. Because of the ease of access for the authorized serviceman and clients personnel the maintenance is simple and quick. Since all the maintenance is from the front of the machine, it is possible to mount it on the wall with or without the base stand. Connections can be routed from the ground, from the wall behind the machine or from the ceiling depending on the installation environment.

Workaholic - Technical features

The machine has a built-in 21.5 inch 3M microtouch touch-screen, any thermal printer (usually standard 80mm wide with a 300m of paper), coin acceptor and recycler, bill acceptor and recycler, cashless payment system - credit and debit card reader, pin pad, barcode reader, QR-reader. We are already preparing for contactless cards and NFC smartphones.

It is possible to add additional printers (e.g. for tickets) or card readers (e.g. for subscriber cards with credit). A small but very powerful computer takes care for a flawless continuous work with as little energy consumption as possible. Connection with the machine is possible via a secure VPN network, Wi-Fi or GSM interface. Our control system allows us to oversee every machine's operation and quickly intervene if any problems arise. This provides us with exceptional responsiveness to correct the problem and reduce downtime to the minimum.

Workaholic - References / Mobile operator

Cashless payment for a network operator's customers with option to add balance on their prepaid accounts on a payment machine in operator's shops. Machine enables fast payments without commissions, makes the users happy, relieves staff who could now dedicate their time to other means for better customer services and lowers costs. At the same time the machine brings many customers back to shops where the operator can present new deals and services.

The machine has a built-in 3M microtouch touch-screen, barcode reader, thermal printer (for printing the receipts) and cashless payment system - credit and debit card reader, pin pad. A small but very powerful computer takes care for a flawless continuous work with as little energy consumption as possible in a custom made casing. Connection with the machine is possible via a secure VPN network.

The payment machine is made from polished stainless steel with a glass facade, which also serves for branding the machine. Design expresses the strength of the client and gives confidence to the buyer that his money will come to the right place. The machine enables users to pay via the barcode printed on a payment slip which they got from the network operator. Payment is done in real-time so it is possible to unlock customer's account in mere minutes. It is also possible to pay the bills without the payment slip with the help of SMS authentication or charging prepaid accounts.

There are more than 50 machines in Slovenia who already work flawlessly for the last four years. We use our monitoring system to control and prevent any problems.

Workaholic - References / Hot-Horse

A payment machine for selecting and paying for food and drinks in client's fast food restaurants. The machine significally speeds up the process, relieves employees and solves the problem of health problems with touching food and money. The next step is to make a web page and a mobile app for ordering food with QR-code generation. This QR-code is then processed on the payment machine and further speeds up the ordering. Customer's orders can also be saved for future usage. The process will come really handy when a customer will need to order for more people and will thus just show one or more QR-codes to the machine and finish the order. Since the offer and sales system are already well known and tested we dedicated our time for making a great user interface for making it as simple as possible for new and return users to place an order. Clients pay with cash or cards and the machine gives them the receipt with a QR-code which is needed for taking the food and drinks. At the same time the order shows on the chef's screen so the employees know what to prepare even before a customer walks to them.

Workaholic - Use case / Ordering and loyality programme – Mobile app

Loyalty program allows businesses to offer all kinds of actions for a particular segment of customers. When a registered client logins on any device (payment machine, table ordering system, mobile application, web page), it sees also the special offers visible only to his segment.

For the promotions and discounts we can change the time interval, the quantity for each action, item cost, user groups and more.

We could give for example the local fire association discounts for its members or reward regular customers who would be in the top percent for most spending over time.

From any device previously mentioned it would be possible for a client to add credit (cash, cards, paypal ...) in one way or another and use it to buy. This reduces the ordering queue, since customers will find it faster to prepare the order ahead and go to the payment machine only for the receipt and food.

Workaholic - Use case / Table ordering system

A customer can order and pay for food and drinks through the machine / tablet, which is built in or is mounted on a table in the restaurant. The device is connected to a central system which allows guests to order, cooks to prepare and servants to transport the order.

Workaholic - Use case / Self-service hotels

Workaholic completely replaces the hotel reception. The guest makes the check-in through a very simple user interface on a touch screen on a machine.

He can check the availability for any room in the hotel and in the case of vacancy, reserve and pay for the room for the selected interval. The whole process can be made without any help and includes scanning the documents and automatic recognition of the text – OCR.

In the case of advance booking - on the hotel website or through various online portals - the process is also very easy and done in mere minutes.

Since the entire facility is controlled by computers (CCS - central control system), all the operating costs are reduced to a minimum. The system also supplies the overview of the occupancy and optimizes the process as to adequately lower operating costs and energy consumption to a minimum.

Self-service hotel as the whole package is directed towards reducing operating expenses, which also includes getting energy from renewable sources (sun, wind, water...) where this is possible.

Workaholic - Use case / Printing and scanning

Workaholic can be a kiosk that allows you to scan and print documents on publicly accessible areas.

You can print documents from your own USB key and from popular cloud services for storing files (DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive…). You can send the files directly from your computer via a dedicated printer driver to the kiosk.

It can scan any documents up to A4 and then print in color or black and white, or you can save file in PDF or JPEG to your own USB key or previously mentioned popular cloud services.

The system also supports printing from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) through a dedicated mobile application.

For a complete overview and control of all the devices we use our own monitoring system which shows the detailed state of the kiosk and all financial statistics needed in real time.

Workaholic - Use case / Cashless payment for residence costs and communication with property managers

Cashless payment for residence costs and communication with property managers. Machine provides fast bill payment without commission or payment with check deposits and the complete overview of property details and statuses for residents.