Multitasker - Basic information

Overview of playlists, easy to add and edit content, various interfaces for interactivity, a perfect online location playback monitoring with stand alone mode for refreshing the content. All this can Multitasker do because of many years of experience and development. The main theme of our research and development is to make the content irresistible and it is upmost user friendly.


* Strong and safe system
* Easy to expand from one to many devices
* Manage the system through the web interface
* Devices download content only when needed
* Independent players
* Support for a wide range of media formats
* Unlimited number of channels and playlists
* Schedules
* Customizing the content per location of a screen
* Statistics, analytics, reports
* Data capture and integration with other software

Multitasker - LFD - Large Format Display

Your content on the big screen in landscape or portrait format in any size from 24 inches to 60 inches or more.

Multitasker - Presentation


Mtplayer plays the content stand alone onsite with adjustable time to sync content from 1 sec to 1 day. It can also stream data on the fly when the content needs to be fully "live". Settings for each player are also stored on the main server.
That makes it possible to fully customize content playback on each screen seperately. Mtplayer knows how to show content of all today known displays, even on mobile devices.

Portal homepage - access to all systems, user help, reporting...


Interactive handling changes the visitors attitude towards the screen because it enables him to make choices about information available. With the right planning of design and content flow we can achieve all the goals and results. We can use different options: touch-screen, (QR)code reader, smartphone integration, different sensors...


Tablets are the ideal solution for optimum feed information to customers, new or existing. With just a few clicks or moves the user can get all the information about the offer.


We add and sort content in the Multitasker via a web interface. All tasks are visually and contextually intuitive and easy to master. It is possible to customize each playback screen or join them together into theme oriented playback groups for example. These groups or channels can support unlimited amount of screens. We can then use more one or more lists that are used for each channel. Each list contains media content that can be easily previewed.

All content changes are sent to each machine in the refresh intervals of your choosing.

Editing content by location - simple and clear.

Rearranging devices with user friendly interface - drag and drop.

Overview of media content o channels.

Arranging content into different lists. Simple overview and fast rearrangment - all in one place.


We have developed a control system to ensure a reliable operation. The system checks the status of Multitasker and Mtplayers and reports to the headquarters. This enables us to provide a quick response for each problem that may occur.

Overview of all devices across different locations with their statuses.

A map of each location and integration with GPS location of maintenance teams for quick and responsive service management.

A detailed view of statuses for each location.

A detailed view of statuses for each machine.

Fast and effective new service integration with automatic upgrades.

Automatic software upgrades system with upgrade report.

Statistics and reports.